Our Philosophy

To create a pure botanical with the highest quality ingredients for healthy glowing skin.

Bringing skin solutions to skin problems.

The heart of the Manuka Honey Balm ™ philosophy is to eliminate the need to rely on toxic chemicals or questionable products, for the purpose of pursuing healthy, beautiful skin.

We are what we eat and what we apply to our face and body.

It took years of research in our quest to create the ultimate Manuka Honey cream formula. 

Using pure botanical extracts, premium quality ingredients sourced from ethical practices. We formulate in small batches to ensure freshness and potency.    

Our honey comes from pristine wilderness areas of Tasmania. We only use Australian Manuka Honey. 

Decades of experience in natural medicine from our naturopath, combined with the latest science goes into the formula that is Manuka Honey Balm.

Our company is unique in that we do not operate on “bottom line” production but rather highest quality.

The corner stone to our philosophy. Is it good for me? Is it good for others? Is it good for the planet?