Can anyone use Manuka Honey Balm?

No, it's not for people with bee and nut allergies and babies under 18 months old.

What is the base made of?

Our base is organic and natural. It is made from Almond oil, apricot kernel oil, pure water and emulsifying wax are the main ingredients. We do not use petrochemicals, GMO, palm oil or synthetic ingredients.

Can I use it more than twice a day?

Yes if you have suffered from bites, sunburn, blister outbreaks of any kind then apply every two hours.

Is it made in Australia?

Yes Manuka Honey Balm is made in Australia. We purchase Australian produce and when it is not available from Australia we choose the best quality available from around the world.

Will Manuka Honey Balm get rid of wrinkles on my face?

Manuka Honey Balm will help to heal and rejuvenate any skin condition, and will have an impact on wrinkled skin. To what degree depends on your lifestyle and eating and drinking habits.

What is Manuka Honey for?

Anything to do with the skin and restoring its balance and health.