Once in awhile an extraordinary product comes along. Manuka Honey Balm is one of them.

D.Hardling | Gold Coast

I really wasn’t expecting much of a change in my skin, nothing has really made a big difference before. I was really surprised, I won’t use anything else.

L  Hudson. | Double Bay NSW

I have had a growing problem with sunspots on the side of my face from driving. They were becoming a problem. Since using the Manuka Honey Balm they have really diminished

T Turnbull. | Tweed Heads NSW

I love the feel of it, the smell of it,  I love putting it on in the mornings to start the day, my skin has never looked better.

S Mackay.| Melbourne Vic.

My sons skin has completely cleared up, the pimples have disappeared.

L Chong. | South Bank Brisbane

Manuka Honey Balm has changed the condition of my skin…it is skin medicine in a bottle...

V Johnson | Northern Beaches NSW

I have tried so many different skin creams, when the shop assistant said try this I wanted to scream!...she convinced me to give it a go……it is remarkable. I am so happy!

T Murray | Glenelg SA

I have had various different skin conditions for many years, recently Acne Roseacea.  I cannot even go out into the sun without spots appearing!! I have tried many products to bring the condition under control, all of these products made the condition worse!

I have now discovered your Manuka Honey Balm, I must say I love it, it is working wonders on my skin so much so that some of my friends have commented on my completion and wanted to know where I purchased it.


Just to let you know how much I love the manuka honey balm, It has reduced my eczema by 90% and it is very much appreciated. Thank you so much!

L Harricks