Manuka Super Traveller

Manuka Super Traveller

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"I would not travel without this super little blend. I feel clean and calm when flying.

R. Underwood. Tas

Powerful Essential Oil Blend
Manuka Super Traveller is a natural herbal formula and is made from the most powerful naturally occuring  essential oils. Eucalyptus, Lemon, Thyme, Clove, Manuka Oil, Pine, Blood Orange, Pink Grapefruit.

A powerful blend ...
  • Drop 6 to 12 drops into the hand. 
  • Rub hands together then cup hands over the nose & mouth and breathe in.

The tiny molecules coat the nose and throat - these areas are where airborne germs enter the body.

When should I use it?
Manuka Super Traveller should be used in highly populated areas like airplanes, airports, hospitals, trains or air-conditioned venues. It can be used in the home, office or car.

Can anyone use it?
No. People with allergies, including bee allergies and babies under 6 months of age should not use Manuka Super Traveller Spray.

Powerful essential oil blend 

MST has all the essential oils in one bottle, I love this idea.

B.Bowen Toorak Vic

Your product is something everyone would benefit from, it has so many uses.

R. Upton | Glenelg S.A.