NEW! Manuka Recovery Balm

NEW! Manuka Recovery Balm

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NEW Recovery Balm is a honey and herbal formula containing manuka honey with natural extracts from turmeric, frankincense, celery and eucalyptus oil plus magnesium. For the temporary relief of muscle aches and joint discomfort.

Evidence based botanical extracts bringing soothing relief. 

Apply daily to aid the recovery of sore tight muscles and discomfort in the joints. Massage well into the affected part. Care for your muscles and ligaments, joints and cartilage by using the recovery balm daily.

Great for my sore joints - real improvement using daily

Joe Canning | Vic

Massage recovery balm daily to help release and relief the tight muscles and joints that are caused by exercise, sitting, repetitive movements, standing all day, computer neck, where ever there is discomfort in the muscular-skeletal body.

The exceptional healing properties of active manuka honey with evidence based therapeutic plant extracts with evidence based results.

Lemon myrtle extract, olive leaf extract, glycerin, shea butter, safflower oil, calendula oil, arnica oil, manuka honey, magnesium oil, turmeric oil, frankincense oil, celery seed oil, comfrey extract.

I tried the recovery balm on my chronic back pain. I felt relief and a loosening up of the tight muscles- it is a great product.

Asha Browning | Qld